[NTLK] wifi discrepancies

From: Oliver Leaman <oliverleaman_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Mon Oct 29 2007 - 20:43:36 EDT

I am just back from a trip across the US and Europe, and was eager to try out the new improved Courier program after its changes. It is very good and far easier to use than before, when I get a connection.
             One thing about the Newton and wifi annoyed me, though, although perhaps one should expect it on an old platform. There were many instances where other people with more modern machines got wifi, and I did not. Is this a general issue with the Newton, or perhaps just a problem for mine, I wonder? I am not talking about subscription services, of course, but free wifi. For example, at Cincinnati Airport on the way out of the country I got it, but on my return I did not, yet everyone else around me did on their PCs. My card did all the usual things, the green lights came on and flashed etc. and I got the information that I was connecting, and the battery drew down heavily, so something was happening, but nothing actually came up on the screen. Is the behavior of wifi and the Newton always erratic, or is my experience untypical?
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