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From: Adrian Marsh <>
Date: Sat Oct 27 2007 - 13:47:00 EDT

In the general discussion about shifting to NCX, apres le classique I wondered if anyone else is having some problems with NCX hanging at points in transferring data to eMates via the Keyspan adaptor/serial cable set up? I have just acquired another eMate from eBay (and there is a certain poetry in that) for my wife Arzu, who has been persuaded to join the Newton life and is possibly the first Turkish person to own one of these great machines, in Turkey. In the transfer of information that took place in the preceding couple of evenings, the NCX option to load all the basic internet and other stuff onto the upgraded eMate was very haphazard. Some small packages went through okay, but anything larger than a mere 30K or so just halted at various points, then the eMate disconnected saying it had receieved no response. This was the case with both machines, each having the same upgrade and system patches, and using the latest version of NCX. The workaround was to literally dig out an old PowerBook 1400CS and run
NCU on that, and this worked fine, I did manage to get the Serial packages that come with Simon Bell's distribution of NCX onto the machines, but that made no difference before this. The 2100 machines (2 of them) worked fine in a deeply frustrating way. Neither the iMac Intel nor the PPC PowerBook G4 and NCX worked with the eMates. Is this an eMate problem? Something about NCX in its latest form? Or something obvious that I have neglected?

Adrian Marsh, MA
Newton eMate & Mail V
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