Re: [NTLK] NCX Blues...

From: James Wages <>
Date: Mon Oct 29 2007 - 18:24:18 EDT

On 10/29/07 10:32 PM, Woody Smith <> wrote:
> For installing packages over serial I would give NewTen a try.

The key point to note about "NewTen" is that it cannot do backups. Even if
serial transfer stability is rock solid (unlike NCX), it still cannot help
people like me who want to make a reliable backup over serial.

Indeed, you will get to some point where you've installed just about all the
package you need. But you still need to do backups. This is what is so
great about NCX, and so depression. NCX is exactly what we all need, except
for the instability of large file transfers over serial. I always, and I
mean ALWAYS, get a connection break with NCX when transferring more than a
couple megs of data. Connection speed over serial is irrelevant, nor does
it matter if I am installing packages or doing a backup.

There has to be a reason for this, and I personally would like to see it
nailed down. Because once it is nailed down, NCX will be quite nearly
perfect in my book (the only other exception being the screen shots that
break up -- but I don't do that every day).

I've not heard back from Simon concerning my bug reports last week, nor has
he posted on this list about such yet. But I hope he will and I hope others
of you out there who use NCX and serial will provide sufficient feedback for
Simon to rectify the communications glitches once and for all. Simon has a
great piece of software and we can all help him make it even greater with
detailed bug reports.


James Wages

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