Re: [NTLK] NCX Blues...

From: Woody Smith <>
Date: Sat Oct 27 2007 - 14:28:14 EDT

For installing packages over serial I would give NewTen a try.
I've never had any difficulties with it.


On Oct 27, 2007, at 12:47 PM, Adrian Marsh wrote:

> In the general discussion about shifting to NCX, apres le classique
> I wondered if anyone else is having some problems with NCX hanging
> at points in transferring data to eMates via the Keyspan adaptor/
> serial cable set up? I have just acquired another eMate from eBay
> (and there is a certain poetry in that) for my wife Arzu, who has
> been persuaded to join the Newton life and is possibly the first
> Turkish person to own one of these great machines, in Turkey. In
> the transfer of information that took place in the preceding couple
> of evenings, the NCX option to load all the basic internet and
> other stuff onto the upgraded eMate was very haphazard. Some small
> packages went through okay, but anything larger than a mere 30K or
> so just halted at various points, then the eMate disconnected
> saying it had receieved no response. This was the case with both
> machines, each having the same upgrade and system patches, and
> using the latest version of NCX. The workaround was to literally
> dig out
> an old PowerBook 1400CS and run NCU on that, and this worked
> fine, I did manage to get the Serial packages that come with Simon
> Bell's distribution of NCX onto the machines, but that made no
> difference before this. The 2100 machines (2 of them) worked fine
> in a deeply frustrating way. Neither the iMac Intel nor the PPC
> PowerBook G4 and NCX worked with the eMates. Is this an eMate
> problem? Something about NCX in its latest form? Or something
> obvious that I have neglected?
> --
> Adrian Marsh, MA

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