[NTLK] Newton - OS X Tiger - WLan

From: Peter Hofmann <steelcut_at_web.de>
Date: Tue Oct 23 2007 - 14:21:13 EDT

i know this question has been asked a few times, but i could not find
the answer to this problem:
How do i connect an intel iMac running OS X Tiger 10.4.10 with a
Newton 2100 and Lucent Silver?

I have tested every suggested setup posted in the wikinewt - without
As someone posted before in this list, with a manual setup the
connection seems to work until the point when newtscape or eudora are
searching for the host.. there everything hangs up.
The problem seems to be the DNS Server..

What the wikinewt does not mention is anything about the "Sharing"
prefpane in Sytem Preferences on the Mac side.
And i rember seeing anywhere a terminal prompt for sharing the
ethernet connection via airport.. Anybody?

Has anybody here with a similar set up running the WLAN thing


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