Re: [NTLK] Newton - OS X Tiger - WLan

From: Peter Hofmann <>
Date: Wed Oct 24 2007 - 04:12:52 EDT

Ok, i am done..
Here is what did me success:

On the Newton side, if you have installed "Lantern Patch" , "More
Wifi Cards"and "Farallon Enet". remove those. It is important that
the Wifi card shows up, if you tap the card button on Avi s backdrop!
If it does not show up, something is wrong.

Wifi Card Setup:
mode- infrastucture,
Channel 3 (ignored)
SSID: my iMacs Name

Generic Internet Setup on Newton:
Name: Wifi Setup
Configuration: manual
Card: Avaya (Lucent Silver)
Local IP Address:
Gateway/Router Address:
Primary DNS: whatever your router says..
Domaine name: none

iMac Setup.
On SytemPreferences, Network ,Prefpane Airport:
Airport: Connect automatically
TCP/IP: IPv4: DHCP with manual Address
Subnetmask: ( you can not change that)
DNS Server: whatever your router says.
Apple Talk: No

On SytemPreferences, Sharing ,Internet:
Use connection: Ethernet
with computers using: Airport

Before you should have select "Create network" from the Airport Icon
in the menu bar. Choose automatic and No WEP. The name should be your
iMacs name.
(maybe you can try WEP on both sides, depending on your card)

Now you should be done..

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