Re: [NTLK] Newton screen shots

From: James Wages <>
Date: Tue Oct 23 2007 - 18:14:45 EDT

On 10/24/07 2:57 AM, Bob Chen <> wrote:
> When I ran the Newton without Dashboard everything seems fine but the
> moment I run Dashboard the copied image is all broken up.

That must be the bug then, because I run Dashboard too.

I never heard back from Simon, which is why I posted about my findings on
this list, in hopes he checks here.

The other two bugs I reported to Simon were (a) about disconnects when
transferring large amounts of data via serial (one broken connection
occurred 15 min. into a backup), and (b) when you first install NCX 1.2 and
first launch it, it tells you there is a newer version of NCX available even
though you have the newest version.

--James Wages

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