[NTLK] 2100 recelling issues

From: Simon Stapleton <simon.stapleton_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri Oct 05 2007 - 07:08:07 EDT

Well, my battery pack died. It had already been recelled once, a bit
of a butchery job to be honest (no, I didn't do it), with 1700mAh
cells, but they no longer hold a charge, which is a bit of bugger.

So, I ordered a bunch of tabbed 2700mAh cells (from eBay seller
m42optic - based, as I am, in France, very reasonable price and
extremely fast delivery) and set to work. Like I said, the previous
recelling was a bit of a butchery, some dodgy soldering onto the cell
bodies, and a cracked battery pack, but until cell death it worked
(modulo jamming the eject mechanism on the newt itself).

So, cells out, no particular problem, and I find that what Frank
refers to as the "RMP" is missing - instead the top right cell (where
it would normally be) has had its -ve terminal "cleaned" and a direct
connection used there.

So, I'm wondering what my options are. I could probably continue as-
is, with no round metal piece, or I can make one up myself. So,
here's the question - anyone have a higher resolution photo of the
famous item (both in place from the exterior, and the item itself).

Also, Frank, I still owe you a MP2000 motherboard, but I've managed
to lose your address - could you drop me an email offlist with your
address and I'll drop it in the post.

Thanks in advance


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