Re: [NTLK] Heavy users, and all that

From: Goodwin, Greg P. <>
Date: Fri Nov 30 2007 - 10:37:23 EST

From: Simon Stapleton


Oddly, a couple of days ago, I went off for a client meeting. As
usual, I took the newt with me, although I hadn't whipped it out, it
was sat on the table in its leather case. So, I was chatting, and
one of the guys said "that reminds me of the old newton cases".
"Funny you should say that", say I, and hand it to him. He looked,
and said "wow, I've got one somewhere, wonder if it still works?",
and disappeared.

15 minutes later, he came back, Newton in hand :)


That is awesome. What are the odds? In my area I have to help supply
Newtons to friends to have people to share Newton stuff with. What
model Newtons did the two of you have?

And he left a business meeting to go get it. Funny. :D

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