Re: [NTLK] Newton 2?

From: Abraham Limpo Martínez <>
Date: Thu Nov 29 2007 - 03:59:37 EST

Just want to point that the eeePC doesn't have touchscreen capabilities.
It may not seem much, but on these small screens, being able to interact
with the screen by just pointing is a plus.

I think the main appeal of the Nokia Tablets is the linux backend, and
also it's big fault. For many people, the possibility of running your
custom set of applications is greater than any polished *propietary*
software interface. No, I don't get it neither ;)

Jon Glass escribió:
> Actually, I disagree with the one contention quoted above. I do not
> think the Nokia is a _better_ internet tablet. Every time I'm tempted
> to get one, I read all that people have to say, and I ask myself why
> people put up with them? (and I'm typically reading the "fans'"
> reviews and perspectives). The Nokia tablet is not a good web
> experience--not good enough to tempt me, at least, but the Safari in
> the iPhone is a completely different beast--yes, they both have
> limitations, but I believe that the way the iPhone handles the small
> screen is about as good as we will get for now, and it will only
> improve.
> But some people do not want to be convinced...
> Not, mind you, that I ever see myself buying an iPhone or iPod Touch.
> I don't need nor want the music player capabilities, which is the
> major point of the iPod's appeal. I have specific needs that I doubt
> the iPod series will ever fulfill. That doesn't stop me from
> appreciating something well-done... which is why I like the eeePC.
> It's a better internet tablet than the 810, and cheaper.
> Personally, I would not be surprised to see Apple release a larger
> tablet device with hwr, or a built-in keyboard, more the size of the
> eeePC, but I _don't_ expect it to be priced anywhere near the price of
> the eeePC. It will be expensive enough to make people think if they
> want that or a Mac Book, and have to decide. That's my personal
> thinking--should they release one... Newtons undercut their
> Powerbooks. I know. I didn't buy a Powerbook because I had a Newton.
> ;-) They won't repeat that mistake.

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