[NTLK] MacJournal Sync One Way?

From: Laurent Daudelin <laurent.daudelin_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon Nov 26 2007 - 17:15:36 EST

I was finally able to setup my NewtSync TCP/IP connection with my
2100. Weird. I can connect on TCP/IP only if my MacBook Pro is
connected to my internal network through AirPort and my 2100
connected to the same network using the Farallon Etherwave. WiFi with
the Orinoco Silver card never worked. It must be something with the
multiple switches I have but I haven't found any other way. The main
router is a Linksys connected to my Internet provider. From that
router goes a connection to a Netgear Gigabit Ethernet switch, so
that my MacBook Pro and my PowerMac G4 can connect at 1Gbits. I have
another D-Link switch connected to the Linksys router. My AirPort
base station is *not* configured to distribute addresses, just acts
as a switch, basically. It's connected to the Linksys router.
When my MacBook Pro was connected to the Netgear switch, I've tried
to connect my 2100 to the same Netgear switch, but couldn't connect
to the MacBook Pro. With the MacBook Pro still connected to the
Netgear, I tried connecting my 2100 to the Linksys router. Couldn't
connect. If I switch my MacBook Pro to AirPort, now I can connect
through TCP/IP. Strange...

Now, to the main question. I've setup NewtSync to synchronize with
MacJournal. All is well whenever I make changes on the 2100 notes,
then they are successfully updated in MacJournal. However, if I make
any change in MacJournal, they are not synchronized with the same
notes on the 2100. Is the synchronization for MacJournal only one
way, e.g. from the Newton to the Mac and not the other way around? If
so, that severely limits the flexibility of the whole frigging setup
that I've been working on so hard over the last week or so. Or, if it
should go both ways, what am I missing?

Thanks in advance for any help!


Laurent Daudelin
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