[NTLK] service with a smile

Date: Mon Nov 26 2007 - 17:10:19 EST

Just wanted you all to know of a great Newton community experience I
just had.
After years of using an MP120, and then years of not using it, I treated
myself to a slightly used MP2100 unit. I was thrilled by the speed,
backlight and higher screen resolution, but started to get intensely
frustrated by the jaggies I encountered on the "new" unit. I researched
the problem and found Doug Parker's name in the Wikki pages.
Not thinking he was still doing Newton repairs, I humbly begged his
assistance, which he promptly, cheerfully and professionally provided.
He had to replace the digitizer board, but the charge was very
reasonable, and I had my pda back in a week.
Doug Parker
(407) 257-3684
I thought such gracious good service had disappeared from the scene, but
I was happy to find out otherwise.
Thanks, Doug!
Wendy Farkas

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