Re: [NTLK] Goodbye

From: Dan <>
Date: Mon Nov 26 2007 - 17:25:09 EST

> Mark,
> Thanks for your years of being involved, and for NuShields for the Newton.
> Sorry to see you go. All the best.
> This means I have to hurry and order more NuShields while there are some
> left! And a question, Mark: now that I can't get them forwarded (to the
> UK) what's the best way to get them? Will I need to have an address in the
> USA when I order?
> Anyway, I wish you well even though I'm tempted to say, what's left for you
> to do without Newtons in your life? And who knows? Perhaps some day soon
> the folks at Apple will wake up and give us a new, modernized implementation
> of the Newt, and you can start shielding Newton digitizers all over again.
> :)

I have to agree, a definite thank you for all your support over the
years. And I will also be placing a order soon before your stock runs
out. As for the new Apple "Newton" the day that Steve jobs dies is the
day that Apple might consider a new "Newton".


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