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Date: Thu Nov 08 2007 - 13:23:24 EST

Hello Newtonfolk,

Just a few brief comments:

#1 There are many Newton users who use Windows-based PCs. There are many Newton users who favor Apple-based computers. There are a few oddballs who use both Apple and Windows computers with some limited fluidity between the disparate systems.

That being said, it is a great source of frustration for me to read diatribes on the bulletin board about some fancy new bit of synchronization software, with NO mention as to which type of computer the software is intended!!! I ask those of you who post on software discussions PLEASE extend the courtesy of including some mention as to WHICH PLATFORM your software pertains. So, when discussing NCX, one might write, "NCX (Apple)", followed in subsequent references by simply "NCX".

#2? If any Newton users in Michigan want to get together some time in the near future, please consider my offer to host. We could discuss, demo, and share Newton wisdom, drink malted beverages, and of course, play pinball. I'm in northeastern Detroit suburbia.? :O)

Best regards,

Matt K.
Detroit, Michigan USA
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