Re: [NTLK] Wintel user moving to Mac

From: Goodwin, Greg P. <>
Date: Thu Nov 08 2007 - 11:56:48 EST

Wallstreets (the G3 powerbook) is a great computer. I still use on in
my bedroom for basic internet browsing and Mp3's. A good nightstand
computer at this point.

In the Newton world the Wallstreet has one thing that the newer Macs
don't have... that old Mac serial port. It also doesn't have a USB
port, but that aside... it is perfect for working with the Mac.

Question I have for you is which OS is on the Wallstreet? 9 or X? I
think the Wallstreet will run as little as System 8.6 and OS 10.3.9... I
think. So a lot of the Mac programs use around the 8 or 9 range... some
of X works, though I have yet to try this (or care at this point)(You
see... I loaded my Newton with all it needs years ago, so it is
basically able to load it's own stuff off the internet when I have to.
By then X came along, and I no longer needed a desktop for the Newton.)

For getting the connection utilities to work, I believe there are some
serial inits that need to be in place in the system to work. If you are
installing the connection utilities it SHOULD install those serial
protocals at the same time. Been a while.

Doc Clu

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"No doubt there are a "large" number of Mac users on this list.
Perhaps they are simply vacationing at the moment or they are less
vocal than their Windows using counterparts. "

Actually, I'm one who is very interested in the Mac tools.

I just finished the mod on an old Wallstreet to remove the HD and
replace it with XD flash cards, and also bought my first G4 desktop.

I have worked with PCs for most of my adult life (and many flavours of
mainframe), but I'm very new to Mac.

I also had no trouble using the PC sync tools. So why the Mac? I hate
being ignorant; I wanted to try syncs that would be more "native" for
my Newt; and most of all -- I fell so hard for the Newt that I finally
had to check out the Mac.

So after doing the solid state storage mod to the Wallstreet, I gotta
say I'm hooked, and welcome discussion of tools on both sides of the


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