[NTLK] Wintel user moving to Mac

From: Stephan Weber <ashkelon_at_gmail.com>
Date: Thu Nov 08 2007 - 08:33:11 EST

"No doubt there are a "large" number of Mac users on this list.
Perhaps they are simply vacationing at the moment or they are less
vocal than their Windows using counterparts. "

Actually, I'm one who is very interested in the Mac tools.

I just finished the mod on an old Wallstreet to remove the HD and
replace it with XD flash cards, and also bought my first G4 desktop.

I have worked with PCs for most of my adult life (and many flavours of
mainframe), but I'm very new to Mac.

I also had no trouble using the PC sync tools. So why the Mac? I hate
being ignorant; I wanted to try syncs that would be more "native" for
my Newt; and most of all -- I fell so hard for the Newt that I finally
had to check out the Mac.

So after doing the solid state storage mod to the Wallstreet, I gotta
say I'm hooked, and welcome discussion of tools on both sides of the


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