[NTLK] Taking Notes On Notes/iCal Export

From: Jack Mottram <jack_at_submitresponse.co.uk>
Date: Thu Nov 08 2007 - 09:38:30 EST

Hello all - a couple of questions:

First, I've run into a problem recently when it comes to taking notes
on Notes, so to speak.

When I'm travelling for work, I'll load up my Newton with research to
read on the train (using the recently discussed, and excellent NCX),
but haven't worked out a good way to jot down thoughts on what I'm
reading, as I'm reading it.

At the moment, I either insert my own additions into the research text
in Notes, prepending them with a "#" so I can easily find and extract
them later when I've transferred the annotated research back to the
Mac, or switch between the research Note and a fresh one - both are
fairly fiddly methods.

Is there a better method of doing this? An application that will
"float" a small window to write in over the top of the Notes
application, maybe? Or am I missing something built in that I could
use? I've only been using a Newton since March, so am still finding my
way around...

Second, is it possible to export an .ics file from iCal for a specific
date range? Ie., I'd like to export all events on all calendars taking
place today, or in the next week, etc., so I can keep the Newton
roughly in sync with my Mac - there's no export action in Automator,
and I'm not enough of an Applescript whizz to figure out a solution
using that (a quick peep at the Applescript dictionary for iCal
suggests there's no export option there, either).

I know nSync can keep Newt and Mac in sync, but I've had no luck with
it since installing 10.5 - it refuses to believe I have any calendars,
so syncing Dates fails immediately.

Thanks in advance, and thanks too for all the advice I've gleaned
already from searching the NewtonTalk archives,


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