[NTLK] Outlook Syncing Success with Newton Connection Tool

From: W. Kim <wanjin32_at_yahoo.co.kr>
Date: Sun Nov 04 2007 - 10:35:37 EST

I have got a licence of Newton Connection Tool and finally I could synchronized with my Newton
and outlook.

Andy Galluzzi, who is developing of Newton Connection Tool, has greatly supported to synchronize of unicode Korean
charactors between Newton and outlook. I appreciate for his support and efforts to make syncing of Newton and outlook, especially
unicode Korean support.

Now, I can synchronizing Names, Date, Notes data to Outook and vise versa. Backup, restore, installation of package also possible
through Newton connection tool.
As I understood, unicode synchronization of newton was not supported by NCU or other synchronize software, I'm very happy with
capability of syncing with my PC through Newton Connection Tool.

W. Kim

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