Re: [NTLK] NCX (was OT - Off Topic - Delta Airline SkyMiles)

From: W. Guy Finley <>
Date: Sun Nov 04 2007 - 09:59:42 EST

I concur, NCX wouldn't work for me at all on Tiger (and now I'm on
Leopard). I had to use nSync and NewTen. That created a whole mess
of other troubles because at the end of the day there is no silver
bullet for syncing a modern address book with the Newt.

For instance, the first time I got it to sync it only sent over about
a quarter of my contacts. Then I figured out it would only sync
contacts that had a contact category. I never had much use for
contact categories so then I had to go through a 500-odd contact
address book and put them all in categories. Then if one contact was
in more than one category it didn't like that either. Syncing with
Adress Book on Tiger was something I spent hours and hours on, with
advice from this list and other sources i hand. Part of that time was
trying NCX and nSync and others to see what would work and what


On Nov 4, 2007, at 7:13 AM, Peter Hofmann wrote:

>> Now let's all get BACK on topic by discussing the merits of Simon's
>> NCX. It
>> never ceases to surprise me how many people talk on this list but
>> not about
>> the greatest Newton software contributions known to man, of which
>> NCX ranks
>> near the top. I couldn't care less about the iPod, iPod touch, The
>> Next
>> Newton, wireless technologies or wifi woes (that have been
>> discussed at
>> length in the past), spare parts for a silly FinePix camera, and so
>> on. NCX
>> is practical to every Newton user who wants to load packages or do
>> a backup
>> or make screenshots. It's worth keeping in the lime light.
> If it only would work properly with Tiger. It's not stable, it doesn
> 't sync. Of course itīs a nice peace of software, but it needs a
> definite overhaul. At the moment im more into newten and nsync.
> gtx Peter
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