[NTLK] Seeking 1 or 2MB Newton memory cards

From: Chris Browder <newtonusingfox_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri Jul 21 2006 - 10:17:03 EDT

Hello everyone!
Some of you may remember me, and some of you may not. I've haunted the
NewtonTalk list off and on since about 1998-1999. I've decided I'm jumping
back into the game with my second eMate 300, used as a writing tool. I would
love to hack and upgrade this little monster into a powerhouse, but for my
intended purposes the processor speed and size limitations are workable. I'm
only installing Avi's Backdrop, the 32kb Notes emabler hack, The Espy font
enabler hack, and NIE 2.0 with wavelan drivers. I have an Orinoco Silver (or
Gold?) card that came from an Apple Airport (graphite) base, and I'm
installing the LPR printer driver to be able to print, wirelessly, to my
shared Mac OS X printers. I must say, in my absence the community has kept
the developing going strong -- I'm so glad to be back!

However, I believe in backups. Boy howdy do I believe in backups. I'm not
planning to consume all of the eMate's limited memory with programs, and
from what I recall/research, there is only about 1MB of user storage
available on the eMate itself. So, I'm seeking any 1 or 2MB memory cards
anyone would like to part with. I'd love to get the Apple-branded red/black
Newton cards, and honestly I think 1MB would suffice for what I intend to
back up (given NewtonWorks - which I don't think I'll be using very often -
is in the ROM, I'm just backing up my notes file, NIE and the printer
driver... the essentials, you know).

If anyone has any they'd like to part with, please email me at my
subscription address (newtonusingfox@gmail.com) or my private address (
kcfoxie@gmail.com) and let me know what your asking price is.

Many thanks and keep the Green!

-Chris Browder

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