[NTLK] [How to] Synchronize your Newton with Basilisk II via WiFi in Windows XP

From: Aaron Halbert <ahalbert_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri Jul 21 2006 - 03:48:12 EDT

Hey, all. I recently purchased a new 2000 setup for use at uni, as I
will be attending George Washington University this fall (any Newton
users around the area?). My laptop doesn't have a serial port, so I
searched for an alternative method of syncing. It seemed viable to
sync through Basilisk II utilizing a WaveLAN card. As no one else has
written a tutorial on this subject, I thought I would contribute one
for critique before adding it to WikiWikiNewt.

What you will need:
-A Newton 2000 or better (OK, it may work on a 130, haven't tried though)
-A wifi card supported by Hiroshi's driver:
-The Basilisk II emulator for Windows:
-Victor's Mac OS disk image:
-A Mac OS BIOS image. I'm not going to post a link due to copyright
issues, but the one I used is called PERFORMA.ROM and shouldn't be too
hard to find. Avoid the Quadra images, they are known to work poorly.

Now, install all applicable software. In the Basilisk GUI setup,
configure things to your liking, but remember to visit the ethernet
settings. You will have to specify which NIC you are using, and set
Basilisk to filter out AppleTalk multicast packets.

***This part is important: Under the Windows network settings, install
a new protocol. When it asks for drivers, click "have disk" and select
B2Win2k.inf in the Basilisk driver folder. Without this installed,
nothing is going to work. Trust me. :-p

Make sure your network is set up, either through your router, or
through an ad-hoc connection. Either method works.

Boot up Basilisk II. Go to the MacTCP control panel, and select
EtherTalk. Open NCU, and tell it to listen for AppleTalk under the

On your Newt, go to the Dock and sync via AppleTalk using your wifi
card. With any luck, it will detect your Windows PC as a Mac OS
computer. You can transfer files between Basilisk and your filesystem
using the My Computer utility, or through a program such as TransMac.
That's all there is to it.

If anyone has suggestions or clarifications for this tutorial, let me
know. I realize I'm not the first person to do this, but I'd like to
help other users avoid the problems I had during this process.

Aaron Halbert
Tucson, Arizona

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