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Tony Douglas tonyisyourpal at aim.com
Sun Jun 21 21:14:23 EDT 2020

It’s a new word right there - a “nontrepreneur” !

The world needs more of them... 
“Why on earth are you doing (x) ??”
“For the fun of it - I’m not in it for the money, man, I’m a nontrepreneur...”

- Tony

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> On 22 Jun 2020, at 00:27, NewtonTalk <newtontalk at pda-soft.de> wrote:
> <https://www.pda-soft.de/common/img/hardware/eMate/AddressCardSlider/AdressC
> ardSlider1.jpg>
> <https://www.pda-soft.de/common/img/hardware/eMate/AddressCardSlider/AdressC
> ardSlider2.jpg>
> As promised, the FoFa contest winner will get one of those for free, shipped
> at my expense. Vladislav, all I need is your favorite color and your current
> postal address.
> Some details:
> The three parts of the slider are cut out from 300g/m² photo cardboard using
> a Silhouette cutting plotter. The owner card itself is cut out from 160 g/m²
> color laser paper using the same cutting plotter. For comparison, normal
> printer paper is about 80g/m².
> Each set will contain a slider in the color of your choice and three owner
> cards. Such a set weighs a bit less than five grams, so the cost of shipping
> for up to three sets is EUR 0,80 (Germany) or EUR 1,10 (rest of the world).
> One set will set you back EUR 6.00 including worldwide shipping. Three sets,
> which happens to be the maximum I can ship in a 20g letter, will set you
> back EUR 12.00 including worldwide shipping.
> OOPS... Now what the...
> For the second time in almost two decades (the first occurrence is described
> here <https://www.pda-soft.de/stories__faxing_is_easy____0.html>), an eery
> phenomenon occurs. Frank's second half disengages from Frank. It looks like
> Frank's exact twin, only somewhat transparent. It turns 90 degrees
> counterclockwise to face Frank.
> "Hey! Hey you! You ARE doing this to make a profit, aren't you?"
> Frank, looking surprised and a bit frightened: "Y... yes. Well, sort of..."
> "Think again, man! Do you remember how much you invested to make this
> possible?"
> "Well, I..."
> Frank's second half, obviously close to screaming tantrum:
> "First, you bought heaps of loose leaf binders, hoping to find one that
> wasn't made from Polyprophylen, because Polyprophylen is, to all intents and
> purposes, impossible to glue. Then you spent a small fortune on special
> glues that claimed to be able to glue Polyprophylen. Your fridge is still
> full of them. You might remember that not a single one was able to live up
> to that promise. Then you bought this Silhouette cutting plotter, which
> wasn't exactly a bargain, either. Moreover - you might have pushed these
> facts to the back of your mind by now - in addition to these costs your
> experiments killed a fair amount of Silhouette cutting mats, right along
> with another fair amount of Silhouette cutting blades. Remember?
> Remember?!?! In a nutshell:
> THIS. IS. WAY. TOO. CHEAP! At that price, you'll never even break even!"
> Frank, looking very insecure:
> "But..."
> Frank's second half, raising his volume by about 4 0dB:
> For almost a minute Frank, looking furtively left and right, seems to be at
> a loss. Then he squares his shoulders, raises his head and locks eyes with
> his second half.
> "You know what? I don't care if I ever break even! Sometimes a man has to do
> what a man..."
> Franks second half: "Oh pleeeez! Not THAT one again!"
> Frank, subdued: "...has to do!"
> Frank's second half retreats back into Frank. A muffled "You're the
> incarnation of the classic non-entrepreneur!" can hardly be overheard.
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