[NTLK] FoFa - And here's the real product

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Sun Jun 21 19:26:27 EDT 2020


As promised, the FoFa contest winner will get one of those for free, shipped
at my expense. Vladislav, all I need is your favorite color and your current
postal address.

Some details:

The three parts of the slider are cut out from 300g/m² photo cardboard using
a Silhouette cutting plotter. The owner card itself is cut out from 160 g/m²
color laser paper using the same cutting plotter. For comparison, normal
printer paper is about 80g/m².
Each set will contain a slider in the color of your choice and three owner
cards. Such a set weighs a bit less than five grams, so the cost of shipping
for up to three sets is EUR 0,80 (Germany) or EUR 1,10 (rest of the world).
One set will set you back EUR 6.00 including worldwide shipping. Three sets,
which happens to be the maximum I can ship in a 20g letter, will set you
back EUR 12.00 including worldwide shipping.

OOPS... Now what the...

For the second time in almost two decades (the first occurrence is described
here <https://www.pda-soft.de/stories__faxing_is_easy____0.html>), an eery
phenomenon occurs. Frank's second half disengages from Frank. It looks like
Frank's exact twin, only somewhat transparent. It turns 90 degrees
counterclockwise to face Frank.
"Hey! Hey you! You ARE doing this to make a profit, aren't you?"
Frank, looking surprised and a bit frightened: "Y... yes. Well, sort of..."

"Think again, man! Do you remember how much you invested to make this

"Well, I..."

Frank's second half, obviously close to screaming tantrum:

"First, you bought heaps of loose leaf binders, hoping to find one that
wasn't made from Polyprophylen, because Polyprophylen is, to all intents and
purposes, impossible to glue. Then you spent a small fortune on special
glues that claimed to be able to glue Polyprophylen. Your fridge is still
full of them. You might remember that not a single one was able to live up
to that promise. Then you bought this Silhouette cutting plotter, which
wasn't exactly a bargain, either. Moreover - you might have pushed these
facts to the back of your mind by now - in addition to these costs your
experiments killed a fair amount of Silhouette cutting mats, right along
with another fair amount of Silhouette cutting blades. Remember?
Remember?!?! In a nutshell:

THIS. IS. WAY. TOO. CHEAP! At that price, you'll never even break even!"

Frank, looking very insecure:


Frank's second half, raising his volume by about 4 0dB:


For almost a minute Frank, looking furtively left and right, seems to be at
a loss. Then he squares his shoulders, raises his head and locks eyes with
his second half.

"You know what? I don't care if I ever break even! Sometimes a man has to do
what a man..."

Franks second half: "Oh pleeeez! Not THAT one again!"

Frank, subdued: "...has to do!"

Frank's second half retreats back into Frank. A muffled "You're the
incarnation of the classic non-entrepreneur!" can hardly be overheard.

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