[NTLK] An Explanation....

Forrest Buffenmyer newton_phoenix at mindspring.com
Sat Jun 13 18:38:00 EDT 2020

An Explanation....

I just sent an email exchange between Rufus Kohn and I from a few years ago regarding how to set up Mail V. Somehow the introduction I wrote that prefaced that email went away somewhere, and you now have the somewhat confusing email exchange--twice, stuck together, I believe--and wonder what that's all about.

Several weeks ago Pawel and Noah graciously provided us with a mini-Newton event on Zoom. One of the topics of discussion was how, ten years ago and earlier, one of the great joys of using a Newton was the ability to send and receive NewtonTalk Network emails directly on the Newton. Someone--Noah I believe--mentioned that he would love that, but has not been able to get his Newton to successfully connect using MailV.
I mentioned that it was not that difficult. I have been using MindSpring (now part of EarthLink) for my email provider since 1999 with no issues. It offers a non-SSL connection that is essential in getting my older (read: obsolete) devices online. It is not free, like some others, but I would not be without it.
In the Rufus Kohn email I describe how to configure the SMTP (outgoing email) configuration line to accept a different port, as EarthLink uses 587. For my connection, I use this: smtpauth.earthlink.net:587 . Note the colon after the command--whatever port your email provider requires for outgoing email MUST be inserted here, or you will get an error message.

As you can see by the first email (and now this one), my MailV connection works from my Newton.

I chose not to edit the Kohn email to preserve its flavor and meaning; I wish I would have deleted the repeated second part, though.

My apologies for taking this long to respond to Pawel's request that day for more instruction on how to configure the ports.

Any questions, please ask. I will be receiving email on the Newton from NTLK this weekend.

(Proudly sent from my MP2100 using Mail V)

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