[NTLK] Past email: how to configure MailV

Forrest Buffenmyer newton_phoenix at mindspring.com
Sat Jun 13 18:09:00 EDT 2020

Hallo Forrest,Thank you so much for taking your precious time providing me with this information. I am determined to get online as to read and post newton talk in style. Met vriendelijke groet, Rufus KohnTel Consulent FNV TaxiZuid West NederlandWerkdagen: ma, di, wo, doKijk ook eens opWWW.FNVTAXI.NL Bezoekadres: Pegasusweg 2003067KX, RotterdamPostadres: Postbus 8696,3009AR, Rotterdam> Op 7 sep. 2018 om 12:07 heeft Forrest Buffenmyer <newton_phoenix at mindspring.com> het volgende geschreven:> > Rufus:> > Please forgive my tardiness in responding. This has proved to be a very busy week.> > You have asked many questions and I have searched the Internet (Newton related) for the answers. But, time being short, I haven’t been able to find much.> > Here are quick answers:> > * The email setup you want is MailV. You can find information on it at Developer Simon Bell’s excellent site, Newton Research. http://newtonresearch.org/ .> > *I use an email account from EarthLink (actually it is MindSpring, but EarthLink purchased them in the early 2000s.) The biggest advantages for me are a dialup account, so I can get my older devices (that’s all they know) to connect to the Internet; and a non-SSL connection. This is HUGE, as the Newton’s WiFi/Internet software can’t handle SSL.  There are probably others, though, that would also work.> > *The WaveLAN silver card should work. I’ve rarely used an Ethernet card to connect the Newton, being as the Newton is portable and having it tethered to an Ethernet cable seems to defeat that. You’ll need Hiroshi’s drivers, last I heard that site was a dead link but you should be able to get them from most people here;or I can provide them.> > *The router doesn’t need “minimum security”—I use WEP (which is probably very close to that :-) )and that has always worked fine. There have been many discussions over the years here as to the danger of being hacked, but the general consensus is, what could they get from the Newton? I myself have a WiFi network set up as WEP for just the Newton—and any other various devices that also need to use WEP to connect.> > I hope that these responses start to answer at least some of your questions. If you have more, please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll have more time this weekend. Also, anyone else can feel free to jump in.> > Mahalo,> Forrest> > Sent from my iPad Pro 9.7"> >> On Sep 5, 2018, at 2:38 AM, Rufus Kohn <rufuskohn at gmail.com> wrote:>> >> Hi Forrest,>> >> Do you know of a setup to get mail running on a 2100?>> What kind of mail account would work?>> How do I get the 2100 online>> I have an Ethernet card>> A WiFi card wavelan silver>> A DLink router set to minimum security, dedicated for the Newton>> All the software available>> >> I am sorry because I am positively certain this subject has been discussed many times but this old noob has missed those discussions >> >> >> Met vriendelijke groet,>> >> Rufus Kohn>> >> Tel >> >> Consulent FNV Taxi>> Zuid West Nederland>> Werkdagen: ma, di, wo, do>> Kijk ook eens op>> WWW.FNVTAXI.NL>> >> Bezoekadres: Pegasusweg 200>> 3067KX, Rotterdam>> Postadres: Postbus 8696,>> 3009AR, Rotterdam>> >> >>> Op 5 sep. 2018 om 11:24 heeft Forrest Buffenmyer <newton_phoenix at mindspring.com> het volgende geschreven:>>> >>> So as was evident by the duplicate emails, I’ve been working with Mail V.>>> >>> I won’t go into great detail about that experience; let’s just say that I got another MP2100 out of its storage to make sure it still worked, etc. At one point I tried to send an email and could not, and after a bit realized I did not have Mail V on it, for some reason. I connected up an older Dell Latitude, an Iogear GUC-232A and the Newton’s cable and dongle to re-install Mail V and all its various parts.>>> >>> I could not get it to work. I recalled from before that it can be a bit finicky at times, as it wants things just so. After several hours deleting and re-entering the email parts of my Owner Info and fussing around the settings I was able to get it to work, although I have NO idea what I did finally that was so much different than what I had been doing.>>> >>> While it seems to work okay now, I am perplexed about one thing: no matter what I do, the email name in the Mail V Assistant says “-no email-“. It correctly lists the incoming and outgoing server information under the also-correct name of the email. Simply put, it looks like this:>>> >>> (There is a check mark, then) Newton-Phoenix>>> -no e-email->>> mail.mindspring.com              newton_pho....(it fades it out)>>> smtpauth.earthlink.net:587   newton_pho...(again, it fades it out).>>> >>> Before any discussion ensues—all that information is correct and is the same on my other devices—except for the :587, which is the port that EarthLink now uses for outgoing mail. I had to add that or nothing was happening.>>> >>> I tried entering a password under Email (the first mention) in the Owner Info...I seem to recall that was not only unnecessary but actually discouraged. It did not make a difference.>>> >>> Any ideas? Apparently this is a non-issue and is not required, as Mail V seems to work okay. Still, I thought it WAS necessary.>>> >>> ALSO: I installed the Voice Recorder package. After a couple of tries it demands that I register or it won’t work. I sent an email as instructed and BIG SURPRISE it bounced. Is there a workaround for this?>>> >>> Mahalo,>>> Forrest>>> >>> Sent from my iPad Pro 9.7">>> -


(Proudly sent from my MP2100 using Mail V)

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