[NTLK] FoFa - 8th followup

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Wed Jun 3 18:26:07 EDT 2020

> Could it be some sort of eMate 300 carry case?

Nope. I find the eMates' case so sexy that it would be a shame to put
anything around it. And with eMates having that cute handle and being as
sturdy as they are, I don't see any need for a carrying case.

> A battery-powered USB connection hub

Nope. USB connection is in the making, but there won't be any need for a
battery since it can be powered by our little green friend.

> That red panel seems to match the area on each side of an eMate (slot

Sort of. But you're moving in the wrong direction.

> It's a marketing scheme 
> It is a way to gather all our ideas for future projects to sell back to us
for our Newton?s  ;-) 

There you have me! OF COURSE it's a marketing scheme. I mean, given the fact
that in the last two decades there haven't been any Newton or eMate projects
I actually made a profit with, I'm always on the lookout for projects that
can cement my final bankruptcy. However, the marketing scheme is only a
sideline. The main issue is guessing my article (remember that FoFa stands
for "Figure out Franks article").

This time you won't get a new picture. Just two new tips.

Tip 1: Be aware that most of the pictures I posted so far only show a
fraction of the real picture. In other words, they depict a fraction of the
article itself or what's left over after making it. I was actually
flabbergasted when someone suggested my first image showed light passing
through a prism. Come to think of it, it definitely looks like light passing
through a prism, but it might be a good strategy to contemplate what the
complete picture would have shown.

Tip 2:

I'll have to sell at least 100 of these articles before I'm no longer in the
red. I'll probably be lucky if I sell 20 in the next couple of years, even
though they'll come cheap. That's how smart a businessman I am. But
sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do. Just because he can.

Here are the pictures you already know:




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