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Wed Jun 3 17:53:39 EDT 2020

> I am confused, again.  I have a Messagepad keyboard that came with a round
adapter to that plugs into top slot on the Newton

Not sure which Newton model we are talking about at the moment. Regardless
of the model you need a cable that has a Mini-DIN plug on the Newton side
and either a Mini-Din plug on the other side if you want to connect to an
older Mac computer, or a Sub-D plug on the other side if you want to connect
to a PC. Unfortunately, there are old modem and printer cables that look
identical, but are wired differently. The correct wiring is shown here:



If you want to connect the keyboard to a 2x00 Newton, you additionally need
what Newton aficionados lovingly call "The Dongle":


One thing I always forget it whether you need to plug the cable in before or
after switching the Newton on. All I recall is that the keyboard won't work
if you do it the wrong way.

> If so, then you need this "Newton Serial Cable for Windows Computers"

Gosh... I mean... Wow... More than seventy bucks for a serial cable. That's
what I sometimes sell Newtons for...

I'll gladly sell you a tested original Apple Newton cable for a quarter of
that price. Yes, that includes shipping to any location on this planet...



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