[NTLK] I’m torn...

Mark Kuberski berskyboy at gmail.com
Tue Mar 19 16:40:54 EDT 2019

I use my Newton 130 everyday for:

1. Using the notes app to take notes (I love the cursive to text “live”
conversation.  The only tool similar to this is Nebo on the iPad (and sadly
not on the iPhone Pluses)

2. I draw in NewtPaint; coffee, mugs, logos, Star Trek ships, computers,
Newton, others tech, etc to put inline with my work and personal notes.

Here’s a few photos:
*https://tublrbersky.tumblr.com/ <https://tublrbersky.tumblr.com/>*

3. On occasion I use clipart to paste to my online notes too.

4. Each week at church I take notes, use The Message Bible app to paste
bible verses inline to my sermon notes, along with drawings (of course).

5. I have taken all these NewtPaint drawings and used the Animation utility
to create a few Star Trek stories.  Check out the YouTube Video bellow.

Link:  https://youtu.be/EN3o-oRMims

So I love taking notes/diary and love drawing.  I also love the small form
factor of the Newton 130 (very portable).

*** Soooo I’m TORN  ***

Apple just announced the NEW iPad Mini 5 supports the Apple Pencil (which
feels bitter smooth and way cool).

But... that gonna be a $750 investment and would replace my “green little
friend”.  The reason I’m torn:

1. The money
2. The Nebo app looks good, but still not as perfect/elegant as Newton Notes
3.  I would miss the “trash can” animation
4. I would miss this Newton User Group and would just get swallowed up into
a bigger Apple Ecosystem (which I’m totally submersed into anyway).

Here’s my setup:
1. Take notes on Newton
2. Use Old DELL with serial port to transfer “screenshots” using Newton
Connection in the Newton Developer Kit
3. Copy those screenshots to MS Word
4. Take those images into Apple Notes

iPad mini [proposed] setup:
1. Take notes in notes using Nebo, or use Nebo directly
2. Sketch/ draw in flagship drawing apps
3. Bring into Apple Notes

Much shorter time... but more pricey and I have lost something (the Amazing
Newton interface)! Such a dramatic analysis but I’m sure ALL of us (on this
list, and many of those that have left) are have / will face this.  Haha
almost an emotional love story (like the Newton film).

I would be interested in other people’s comments, it’s seems like just an
upgrade decision... but it’s way more than that.  I just wish Apple would
allow the Newton OS to live on iPad!  That works be the perfect world!


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