[NTLK] Connecting to Win 10

Tere tjggriffin1 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 16 17:53:55 EST 2019

Thanks Dan. I'll try a VM. I'm pretty sure I've got so Win98 disks around
here. I don't think I have Win2000.

Another this about the PIN. When pull it out a couple of weeks ago, I set a
10 digit PIN. After trying a bunch of PINs on the Newton, I discovered it
was much faster to enter the old PINs into the Password setting in NCU. It
was then that I notice NCU would only take up to 8 characters. I can enter
more than that on the Newton side. I didn't test to see what the max length
is on the Newton. That may be causing a match failure even if I'm entering
the right PIN. Something like NCU only reads the fist 8 chars the Newton
sends, and compares it to the full PIN. If it's the GUI the restricts the
number of chars, it may accept the full 10 digits via the Save Password
setting in Dock.

I saw reference to slowdown, but couldn't find a copy. I email Elise Basse,
who made NCUWin710, and he volunteered to send me a copy. I'm not sure it
will help resolve this issue, but it might. In the meantime, I'll try a VM.


- Tere

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