[NTLK] Connecting to Win 10

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sat Feb 16 15:00:18 EST 2019

Well I know NCU doesn't require a pin as I never used one.  I am guessing you are running into issues because you are trying to connect to Win10.  In fact, I am surprised you have managed to get this far.

What I would suggest is grab a copy of Virtual PC and install Win98 to it.  Or if you can't do that, grab virtual Box and install win2000 to it.  I think you will get a lot better results.  While you can install Win98 to Virtual Box, last time I did it was slow slow slow slow to the point of being unusable.  But since Win98 is no supported by Virtual Box, it is not exactly surprising.  I have heard there are tweaks to get it to work better, but I never bothered.  Virtual PC and Win98 are about the best I have ever seen on a Windows box.  You don't need SLowdown, it just works without throwing fists every few minutes (and having timing issues).


On 2/16/2019 12:44 PM, Tere wrote:
> Okay, so I decided to try out my MP2100 after a decade or so sitting on the
> side lines. My goal is to dump the ROM and get Einstein running on my old
> Galaxy Note 4.
> After a week or two of tries and fails, I found a combination of computer
> and serial cable that will provide a connection. But then I hit a wall. I
> ended up connecting to a Surface Pro 6, using an old Newton serial port to
> DB9, going into a Keyspan USA-19HS. I have an Ser001 installed, but don't a
> cabling solution to get to DB9 or USB.  I'm using NCUWin710 version of
> Newton Connection Utility on the SP6.
> So, where I'm at now... I plug in the Newton to the SP6. start up
> NCUWin710, tap Dock on the 2100. At this point, before the Keyspan, I would
> get a timeout error, that the connection was stopped because there was no
> response from the computer. But with the keyspan, it prompts me for a
> password. I tried the PIN I set on the 2100, along with every old PIN I
> could think of. I even tried my ATM PIN. I tried known defaults, 0000,
> 1234, 1111, etc. I removed the PIN from the 2100 and checked "Save
> password" in Dock prefs, hoping it would tell NCU that there is no PIN. I
> completely uninstalled and re-installed NCUWin710. After tapping Connect,
> before or after entering the password, the Connection Status on NCU
> changes. The text switches from "Start by establishing a connection..." to
> "Connected..." and back again. The icon always has an X. So the Newton and
> computer are talking to each other.
> Questions: Does NCU REQUIRE a PIN to connect, or can one set it up without
> a PIN? I know I can change the PIN in NCU setting, but I need the old PIN
> to do that. Is there a way to clear a PIN without the old PIN? How does
> removing the PIN from the 2100 effect NCU? Is there a cache or resource
> where the PIN is saved that survives uninstalling?
> Brief history:
> I tried a CableCreation w/ Prolific chipset, and a CoolGear w FTDI. I tried
> connecting to both my SP6 and a 13 in white MacBook, early 2009. I load and
> reloaded different driver versions, different Connection versions. I even
> tried running older ones in different Win 10 compatability modes. They only
> go back to Win XP, so no go. I considered installing a virtual PC and Win
> 98, but put it off until the Keyspan cable arrived.
> Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
> - Tere
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