[NTLK] battery

Walt Berger scooby9261 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 11 03:24:38 EST 2019

What parts other than the battery holder do i need to make this work ?
I may have messed up some parts o yeh...

Also looking for a ribbon cable( i fixed hinges on both) for touch
screen.On my older unit. I saw a Serial to USB adaptor, cant find wwhere to
buy it though. Sorry Ive posted to much its been over a week of getting now
where with these 2 machines. I kinda think i may have friend the charging
circuit in one see it doesnt even see the batteries any more and when I
unplug it , it instantly turns off so.... Yeah. One isnt looking good.


Im trying to find2 beat up units with a Ribbon cable and the battery paks
to get started.

Also do they make a PCMCIA to SD adaptor for the Newton? That may save me.
The 24mb Cistco one works on every device i put it in but the emate. So i
guess ill have to find someone with a use for it.



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