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Tue Dec 10 17:08:42 EST 2019

> Allow me to scare you a little, Frank.

Be my guest...

> I used scrunched-up aluminium foil to make the contact between cells. 

Well, that doesn't scare me. After having seen one cigarette pack's worth of
aluminum foil wrapped around a mains fuse for an electric kitchen stove,
there's not much left that can scare me. Moreover, in your particular case
there's a whole Atlantic between you 'n' me, so my family should be safe.

> However, after following this thread I think I will try to find a safer

Having had the pleasure of meeting you on occasion of your making the film,
I couldn't agree more. There are so few highly likeable people out there.
Would be a pity if we lost one of them, and maybe even his family, due to
some stupid shreds of aluminum foil.


Better do it soon. Think of your family. And next time you need a new
battery pack, ask Frank first.



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