[NTLK] Battery

Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Mon Dec 9 12:27:49 EST 2019

Allow me to scare you a little, Frank.

A year or two ago I acquired a second e-mate. I carefully fixed the hinge
problem (it was on the verge of being punctured, thanks to your site it
lives!) and then I rebuilt the battery pack using normal NiMH batteries
from IKEA. It works great, charges great, but in the middle of the battery
pack where the contacts touch, I used scrunched-up aluminium foil to make
the contact between cells. I think I did something similar on the ends, or
I might have taped the bare wires to the ends of the battery tightly as

The eMate charges fine, and runs fine (for a long time, thanks to the great
batteries), with the thermistor installed as well.

However, after following this thread I think I will try to find a safer


> Why would risk a perfectly healthy
>eMate, and maybe your house, going up in smoke?

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