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Sun Dec 8 17:10:41 EST 2019

> Frank this is the one that Stephanie used in her hack


> I've used it in a couple of eMates, successfully as I recall.

I'm aware of this holder. Admittedly it looks sturdy, but maximum current is
neither mentioned on this page nor in the so-called "Datasheet" they offer
for download.

Imagine you're checking in for a flight, and the nice lady at the check-in
counter tells you that the people who developed the turbines did not have
any technical specs for some of the turbines' components. Still, the two
prototypes they built worked OK. Would you board that plane?

Would you drive a car whose brake system was conceived under the same

If the answer to both questions is "No": Why would risk a perfectly healthy
eMate, and maybe your house, going up in smoke?

Yes, I agree. Experiments like this are sometimes necessary because they can
speed up progress. But most engineers will not only expect, but also be
prepared for the unexpected. They wouldn't do things in their living room.
They'd do it outside, and they'd have a fire extinguisher nearby. They'd
monitor the battery holder's contact temperature all the time, and they'd
watch the holder like a hawk for as long as power flows into it. And once
they've repeated this about a hundred times with holders from different
manufacturing batches, they might, but only might, begin to think that what
they intend to do could possibly be safe.

My wife calls this train of thoughts "your annoying engineer-type of

Good luck!


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