[NTLK] eMate battery holder

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Thu Dec 5 17:50:48 EST 2019

> One thought that springs to my mind about the current capabilities is, 
> was it a holder with "spring"-type contacts or with "flat bent metal
strip"-type contacts?

> It was a holder with spring type contacts.

> For some reason I have a feeling the latter should withstand more current
due to better surface area.

I'm inclined to agree. The Newton 1x0 series has contacts like this, and
I've never seen them become too hot even when charging with the 9 Watt AC
adapter. However, I still wouldn't use those contacts, although they look
way sturdier than anything you can currently buy.

I'm an electronics engineer. People like us, or at least those of us who are
worth their salary, will only believe in data sheets. Lack of knowledge,
hope, or expectation are poor advisors when developing hardware. That's why
so far I haven't come up with a reliable solution for an eMate battery
holder. If I ever find a holder that fits into the eMate's battery
compartment and can handle the required current, you guys 'n gals will be
the first to know :-)


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