[NTLK] Followup on"Re: MessagePad 100 (OMP H1000)

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Thu Oct 11 20:15:56 EDT 2018

> Hold on Christoph! I think I'm the other person with a flickering screen
OMP on Frank's work bench! 
> Frank needs to clarify which one of us got lucky...

Well, now things are getting kind of difficult for my little brain. I just
spent a solid 15 hours working on my stupid tax declaration, only
interrupted by one single ten minute lunch break. Yes, there are idiots like
this. Especially if their tax authority has already threatened them twice
with a substantial late payment fine.

> Hold on Christoph! I think I'm the other person with a flickering screen
OMP on Frank's work bench!

Thinking straight is getting more and more difficult. But...

- The Chris I was referring to is in fact Chris Wright.

- But Chris isn't "the other" person with a flickering screen OMP on my

- Because there are two OMPs from a guy running an Apple museum in Hamburg
that are also on my workbench, suffering from a flickering screen.

- Plus, Chris' OMP is no longer on my workbench.

- It's currently running through my 48 hour clock test which takes place
elsewhere, because...

- My workbench is kind of small.

Christoph, you're welcome to send me your OMP, of course. The two brain
cells that are in charge of my memory for the next couple of hours faintly
signalize that you wanted to send an eMate anyway in the foreseeable future.
But they might be wrong.

Along with my own "Sleeping Beauty" OMP, who has spent the last couple of
years in the repair queue in my shed, that would make it four OMPs in need
of a fix and one that's already fixed. If all can be fixed by replacing the
capacitor, we can be pretty sure that the capacitor is ALWAYS what causes
this particular problem, and Erik deserves a medal. In that case I will of
course add a repair page to my website, along with a detailed OMP
disassembly page that has been overdue for about a decade. AFTER submitting
my stupid tax declaration, that is...



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