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Hi Mark,

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> Hi  sir iZaac,

> Yes looked at all of these list, they are great.  I hope this site stays
up, I've downloaded a bunch of these, but the site could disappear after a
while I'm thinking.

> My NOS is 2.0 (on the MessagePad 130).

Have you tried Silk for your MP130?

> I was able to fax from my MessagePad today, kinda thrilled me.  I wonder if
there are anyways to make a fax modem talk to Ethernet.... just my tech
problem solving brain trying to figure it out to bring the Old Newton into
> the modern world. 

It might be possible; perhaps others may chime in to help answer your questions. (-:

> I've been talking pictures of the screen and adding them
to Apple Notes.  (But I need to do it in the dark, as the screen does have
a lot of glare)

> cheers,
> Mark

Newton Never Dies; It just gets it's batteries recharged.

Mailed from my tree house 

sir iZaac

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