[NTLK] Newton activity during December 1997

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Fri Dec 28 04:04:18 EST 2018

We were discussing the upcoming MacWorld Expo in San Francisco for January 1998. Free tickets for a 1 day visit were provided. Several of us hoped the new Click Drive from Iomega would recognize the MP2k for additional storage. I could hardly wait to see the immense Newton posters suspended from the parking garage adjacent to Moscone Center.

I was selling extra Newton Rechargeable Battery Packs (Model  no. H0163), and US Newton 9W Power Adapter (Model No. H0165), (H0213LL/A) to a customer who had an MP2k but seemed underwhelmed by it. I'd mentioned she might want 2 batteries; one that's being used and another that's been recharged. Anyway, the new 9W was something else as I learned from an excited NewtonSource SF employee. He also said it with the Newton battery rocks. 

My manager was kind in selling me a 9W just above cost; ~ US$ 25. which was abit less than Blake at NewtonSource SF would have been. I enthusiastically began using it on my MP100 that evening. 

NFR Newton programs were offered which meant they were free instead of paying an employee discount. However, I knew several developers and would rather have them profit as much as possible. 

Almost daily new programs were being announced on the web via NewtNews as well as other various sites. 

¡ Feliz Navidades 🎄☃️❄️ !

Happy Christmas ! 🎁📯☮️

sir iZaac

Newton Never Dies; It just gets it's batteries recharged.

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