[NTLK] Einstein on Android

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Tue Jan 24 19:57:11 EST 2017

Great news!  Actually all of the Einstein news lately is wonderful.  But
one thing comes to mind, has anyone ever found a way to get data in or
back out of Einstein?  Last I new there wasn't any import ability unless
you got email working and emailed something to yourself and retrieved it
with a desktop computer or such.

Perhaps I am out of date, and if so I am happy to be wrong. :)


On 1/23/2017 11:30 AM, Matthias Melcher wrote:
> Hi guys,
> So I pushed changes to compile Einstein for Android using the Android Studio setup. This works now (after some neat little pitfalls) surprisingly well. Particularly, debugging Java and Native code "just works".
> It runs on the Emulator, but not on 64bit device (Android S7). It seems that UInt32 is actually 64 bits long which causes immediate chaos in the JIT emulation.
> To run this, don;t forget to explicitly give the app write permission to external memeory and upload the ROM and REX files to /sdcard/Download/Einstein/
> Any help is greatly appreciated. I will also fiddle on myself.
>  - Matthias
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