[NTLK] [OT] Happy New Year

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Sun Jan 1 17:08:18 EST 2017

While a nice idea, I think when you get that far Apple would step in
with a cease and dissident order since the emulator is based on their
code.  Yes you still need to provide the MP2x00 ROM but I have to think
that if one had a kickstarter, they would send legal in even if it was
within the law.  And who would have the money to fight such a battle?
Let alone the energy.

Small builds/project Apple won't care or notice.  You go big like that,
and they will wield the hammer faster than you can say smash.

On 1/1/2017 4:47 PM, Rufus Kohn wrote:
> How about thinking around. Couldn't we find funding to make a casing based on the eMate or newton with modern hardware and compile a build to work with the old software so the machines from the 20th century and the new ones can talk to each other. 
> A lot of baby boomers would love to get a no distractions machine to type memories and keep track of to do's.  So a KickStarter could turn funding to buy you geniuses enough holidays to work things out. 
> Any producers around?
> Met vriendelijke groet,

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