[NTLK] NSM alpha 3

Victor Rehorst victor at chuma.org
Thu Jan 8 09:45:50 EST 2015

This looks neat.  But there's no source or Linux-x86 build, so I can't 
noodle around with it myself. :(

Judging from your documentation, Linux or even POSIX compatible file I/O 
should be simple to add.  Do you need or want some help?

-Victor Rehorst

On 15/12/14 05:35 PM, Matej Horvat wrote:
> I have finally released alpha 3 of NSM, my NewtonScript virtual machine.
> It brings a lot of new functionality, such as a native code interface 
> (allowing NewtonScript code to call platform-specific functions), a 
> NEWT/0-compatible file I/O library (made possible with native code), 
> better performance (up to 5 times as fast), better documentation, an 
> OS X version for the x86-64 architecture, and of course many bug 
> fixes. The global function library has over 30 new functions as well. 
> It is now also possible to use DyneTK to create packages for NSM.
> You can get it (including documentation and example code) on my Web site:
> http://matejhorvat.si/en/software/nsm/

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