[NTLK] ROM Disassembly online?

Mark Crutch mark.crutch at gmail.com
Wed Apr 1 12:22:12 EDT 2015


> The idea is to upload the comments only, and use a modified assembler to
> add the ROM code when needed, and to remove the ROM code before pushing any
> additional comments and findings to git. There will never be any ROM code
> on Github, only our comments, and a program that merges and splits code and
> comments.

If the disassembled code contains some reliable "anchor" points - symbols,
labels, specific addresses or similar - perhaps your comments could be held
within a "sed" script (or collection of scripts). Given that the script
will mostly (if not entirely) be used to insert text at particular points,
the sed script would just be a series of

comment line 1 \
comment line 2 \
comment final line

where [address] could be a specific line number or a regular expression
that matches a label or symbol in the code.

I've not seen what the disassembled code looks like, nor how you want to
comment it, so this might be a non-starter of course.


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