[NTLK] Einstein on BB10

Jonathan Dueck jonathandueck at yahoo.com
Thu May 8 21:54:07 EDT 2014

Great! Thank you so much, Frank. Very curious to see what shows up in your
tests. On-list is perfect--at least, I like having this sort of thing on the
list. I search it for just these kinds of discussions when trying to figure
out what went wrong with Tech Project X at my house.


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> I'll link the APK I'm using, here, from Dropbox (and I'll take the 
> link
down shortly)

OK, I saved it. You can take the link down. I will keep you posted about my

PS I'm still sending this communication to the list because I think the list
might be interested in the steps taken and the outcome. If you'd rather we
kept this off-list, please don't hesitate to speak out.



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