[NTLK] OT: another Poutine sighting

Ken Whitcomb ken at imageguild.com
Thu May 8 14:39:25 EDT 2014

My wife and I have twin daughters that attend the University of  
Chicago. SCAV 2014, an annual scavenger hunt recently described by a  
student as "Odyssey of the Mind on Crack" began at 12:01 this morning  
when the "list" was released. This is the wildest scavenger hunt I've  
ever heard of, with three components, "The Hunt" (a typical scavenger  
hunt where tasks are performed such as collecting things,  
photographing or video recording members in certain locations, and  
creating things that meet certain criteria, "Scav Olympics" a series  
of competitions between teams that take place on the quad on Saturday,  
this year including "Combat juggling" (wherein opponents bean bags may  
be interrupted but opponents may not, last contestant with bags in the  
air wins) and a road-trip component that has a team of four traveling  
to accomplish quixotic tasks while dressed up in character (this year  
the assignment is The Queen, Tim Horton, Lady Liberty, and Justin  
Beaver, yes I wrote Beaver and journeying through Michigan, on to  
Toronto, Niagra Falls, and back through Ohio). I'm informed that one  
of the rules states that they are NOT to cross the border while  
dressed in character.

Um...what was my point?....Oh, yeah...

Item number 301 on the list reads as follows:

The Royal We (that's the name of the road trip group) stop for  
breakfast at the Lakeview in Little Portugal and try the Canadian  
specialty: poutine. Lady Liberty lies through her cheese-curd-stuffed  
mouth: "This tastes just like my mom used to make back in France."  
What type of shakes are free? What's sold out? [6 CAPoints]

If you're interested in seeing the entire list for SCAV2014 visit:


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