[NTLK] [OT] Poutine in the oddest places

Mark Bock markbvt at comcast.net
Thu May 8 21:24:52 EDT 2014

On 5/8/14, 9:18 PM, Morgan Aldridge wrote:
>  I frequently get gravy&  cheese fries at various restaurants in the
> Burlington, VT, area, but haven't happened across actual poutine. If you
> know of any particular restaurants in northern Vermont who do serve it, I'm
> happy to check them out and report back. Come to think of it, Leunig's
> might have some on their menu, but I recall hearing their cheese curds
> were certainly not squeaky.

Most Vermont restaurants that serve poutine seem to put their own twist 
on it. The Mule Bar in Winooski, for example. Haven't had it so can't 
speak to the squeakiness of their curds.

> Are there any active Newton users in Vermont?

I still have mine (I can see it from where I'm sitting, actually), but I 
haven't used it in years. My iPhone and iPad render it unnecessary.


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