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> Probably only "Richardson¹s ground squirrels"
> Š
> useum.ca/dioramas/

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Not a bit of it.  I only utilize the services of Richardson's ground
squirrels for reconnaissance and certain other stealth missions.  (They're
astonishingly efficient for infiltration and assassination, although not as
inventively skilful as my elite ninja chipmunks.  Richardson's ground
squirrels insist on wearing kilts despite how conspicuous it makes them.
They claim the bewilderment of their target at seeing a squirrel in a kilt
gives them tactical advantage.  But I'm working on persuading them, and I'm
making progress.)  

No, I was referring to my elite infantry legions, comprised of various
marmots and invariably commanded by close family members.  Their deadliness
with bazookas and more recently with shoulder-carried smart missiles is
unparallelled among the fighting forces in the world, and fuelled by poutine
and strong coffee, they are capable of prodigious feats of strength in
hand-to-hand combat.  Bred and selected to enhance natural aggression, they
also are encouraged to indulge their sadistic tendencies against
adversaries.  They have other abilities which are highly guarded secrets and
which round out their martial awesomeness.

Because I'm a pacifist at heart I don't use them for warfare but only as my
personal bodyguard.   As you will surmise, they are more than a match for
anyone approaching me with ill intent.

I hope that clarifies everything for you.

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