[NTLK] Battery life w/ Einstein

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Mon Apr 28 23:18:48 EDT 2014

Dislikes for Windows aside, readers might be pleasantly surprised that
Windows 8 supports HWR reasonably well.  The HWR accuracy is in fact better
than that of NOS 2.x.

HWR services are also offered system-wide and any form or text input area is
supported.  The gesture system for text editing and correction is quite
reasonable too.  

IMO, it's the closest thing to a Newton-esque experience on the market at
the moment, but that doesn't mean to say that it is as enjoyable, but it
gives over 80%.


Tony Kan

New Zealand

I'll spare anyone here who already has heard any of my previous rants on the
advantages of handwriting and the glories of the Newton because it lets us
keep writing when using an electronic gizmo.  Suffice it to say, I agree.

The heart of my thesis is this:  the kinaesthetic advantages of handwriting
have been too easily dismissed for the sake of ...well, something or other,
but for those determined to carry on in this electronic age either with
printing or writing in long-hand rather than typing or dictating to
someone/something else, the Newton is the real deal.

I haven't seen anything definitive to prove the second half of my proposal
(not that I need anything so mundane as proof), but now the first half is
practically scientific, so it must be true:


Long live hand-writing!  Bring back the Newton!

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