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> "The main thing I miss from my Newton is
> its integrated HWR, and especially the NotePad. Man, I used that thing like
> crazy. It was my main usage--and to get things from there into the other
> parts of the system (to dos, calendar, addresses, or into a document on my
> hard drive, or email, etc.) IMO, if we could just replicate the Notepad on
> a modern platform, that would be the win."
> I agree. The intelligent assistant made the Notepad all-powerful. The best
> note-taking app I've found for a modern device is Notability for iPad (with
> a good Adonit stylus). Unfortunately, there is no HWR at all, and so no
> intelligence whatsoever. I find I think "differently" using a pen than when
> I am typing or even talking to an assistant like Siri. It's a more creative
> process, especially writing cursive. It's a shame that no modern device
> exists around that way of working (with a pen). The newt was great because
> the HWR was not an afterthought, but it interacted with the user in a fluid
> way that makes current devices seem clunky. I wonder what could possibly
> change all that. Children nowadays often don't write at all, but only tap
> away at keyboards. I think we are really missing something by losing the
> process of writing.
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I'll spare anyone here who already has heard any of my previous rants on the
advantages of handwriting and the glories of the Newton because it lets us
keep writing when using an electronic gizmo.  Suffice it to say, I agree.

The heart of my thesis is this:  the kinaesthetic advantages of handwriting
have been too easily dismissed for the sake of ...well, something or other,
but for those determined to carry on in this electronic age either with
printing or writing in long-hand rather than typing or dictating to
someone/something else, the Newton is the real deal.

I haven't seen anything definitive to prove the second half of my proposal
(not that I need anything so mundane as proof), but now the first half is
practically scientific, so it must be true:


Long live hand-writing!  Bring back the Newton!

Please note:  all attempts to dispute this point or indicate that exceptions
should be recognized, to quote contrary evidence or critique their
methodology, or to suggest that much more research is necessary before
conclusions can be drawn, as well as attempts to heap scorn, throw
brickbats, or otherwise dissuade me from this argument, are to be directed
to Vladimir Putin.  He won't listen to you either but maybe it'll distract
him enough for him to go away and leave Ukraine alone.  Or maybe he'll just
infiltrate your neighbourhood with disguised troops, take over your life,
and declare that you are a threat to Russian interests.  Whatever.  At least
you won't be arguing with me.

If you do somehow find me and start an argument, you will be attacked
instantly by thousands of poutine-eating, coffee-drinking, bazooka-wielding
groundhogs.  They are relentless and you will suffer much.  You've been

Have a nice day! 





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³Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from a Newton.²
            -- ref.:  Arthur C. Clarke

(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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