[NTLK] Battery life w/ Einstein

Noah Leon moosefuel at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 28 12:22:56 EDT 2014

"The main thing I miss from my Newton is
its integrated HWR, and especially the NotePad. Man, I used that thing like
crazy. It was my main usage--and to get things from there into the other
parts of the system (to dos, calendar, addresses, or into a document on my
hard drive, or email, etc.) IMO, if we could just replicate the Notepad on
a modern platform, that would be the win."

I agree. The intelligent assistant made the Notepad all-powerful. The best
note-taking app I've found for a modern device is Notability for iPad (with
a good Adonit stylus). Unfortunately, there is no HWR at all, and so no
intelligence whatsoever. I find I think "differently" using a pen than when
I am typing or even talking to an assistant like Siri. It's a more creative
process, especially writing cursive. It's a shame that no modern device
exists around that way of working (with a pen). The newt was great because
the HWR was not an afterthought, but it interacted with the user in a fluid
way that makes current devices seem clunky. I wonder what could possibly
change all that. Children nowadays often don't write at all, but only tap
away at keyboards. I think we are really missing something by losing the
process of writing.

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