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Josh Barrow josh at jukaela.com
Thu Nov 21 15:41:38 EST 2013

Well, there are Ruby bindings to write “native” OS X apps, so I would assume (with a tremendous amount of effort), it would be possible.  I’m not certain that it’s a project that would gain a huge following though.  It’s a shame.  

I think what really made NewtonScript awesome was the dev environment that you could use.  It was super advanced for it’s time.


Josh Barrow
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On November 21, 2013 at 2:15:09 PM, Tony Kan (tony.kan at clear.net.nz) wrote:

Just thinking a little whimsically, but I wonder if it was possible to adapt  
the NewtonScript language to write programs that ran natively in OS X or  
Windows, that way the language could be kept alive and maybe experience a  


Tony Kan  

New Zealand  

It's a site to document the NewtonScript language, development tools, and  
programming documentation. It's not much more than a list of development  
tools & reference documentation at the moment, but it's a start. I've  
registered the domain, the @newtonscript twitter account, and the site  
source for the site is on GitHub.  

I highly encourage contributions to the site, so please fork the site &  
submit pull requests on GitHub:  


BTW - Did you know that the blue & yellow in the color scheme that Apple  
used for the Newton logo & site are perfect complements? Fun.  

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